Change or Add Currency

Change the currency used to calculate fiat values of Ether on the dashboard.

Change or Add Currency

The dashboard comes preconfigured to support 17 different currencies for fiat value conversions.
















It is easy to change to one of the supported currencies through the Grafana UI using the instructions below. If you want to add an unsupported currency, instructions are included for that afterward.

Change Currency

Follow these steps to change the selected currency to another supported currency.

Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Grafana dashboard.

Click on the Variables link on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click on the currency variable name.

Change the variable value to one of the 17 supported currencies listed in the Description field.

Click the Apply button to save the change.

Click on the Save Dashboard button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The Save Dashboard panel will open. Enter a note and then click on the Save button.

Add New Currency

Additional languages may be added manually by modifying two configuration files and then following the above instructions to change the currency variable.

Currencies must be supported by the Coingecko API.


First, edit the json_exporter configuration file to add support for parsing the new currency values

sudo nano /etc/json_exporter/json_exporter.yml

Find the coingecko_eth_price section and look for the list of currencies under the values line. That section should look similar to the following.

    - name: eth
      type: object
      path: '{.ethereum}'
      help: Ether (ETH) price in fiat
        USD: '{.usd}'
        EUR: '{.eur}'
        JPY: '{.jpy}'
        GBP: '{.gbp}'
        AUD: '{.aud}'
        CAD: '{.cad}'
        CHF: '{.chf}'
        CNY: '{.cny}'
        HKD: '{.hkd}'
        NZD: '{.nzd}'
        ILS: '{.ils}'
        KRW: '{.krw}'
        MXN: '{.mxn}'
        RUB: '{.rub}'
        SGD: '{.sgd}'
        TWD: '{.twd}'
        INR: '{.inr}'

Add a new currency line following the model of the other currency lines, with the three-character currency code first in all caps and then in lowercase.

For example, if we want to add support for Swedish krona, we would add the following line to the values section of the coingecko_eth_price module. There should be eight spaces before the currency code.

         SEK: '{.sek}'


Second, edit the currencies.yml configuration file to add support for the new currency to the CoinGeck query.

sudo nano /etc/prometheus/files_sd/stakelocal/other/coingecko.yml

In the targets line, add the three-character currency code to the comma-delimited list of currencies to be queried. All three-character currency codes must be contained within the single set of quotes.

For example, to continue adding support for Swedish Krona, we would add ,sek to the end of the targets line list of currencies. The final result may look like the following.

    - targets: ['usd,eur,jpy,gbp,aud,cad,chf,cny,hkd,nzd,ils,krw,mxn,rub,sgd,twd,inr,sek']

After modifying these two files, restart json_exporter only. The changes to the Prometheus configuration will be picked up automatically.

sudo systemctl restart json_exporter

After completing the setup, set your new currency code as the currency variable value using the instructions at the top of this page.

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