Optional: Grafana Target

Monitor some basic detail about Grafana


Create Prometheus Target

The Stake Local dashboard provides only basic, high-level information about Grafana. It may only include memory use, version information, and latest GitHub release. Configuring this target is optional.

Edit the Grafana configuration file in the /etc/prometheus/files_sd/stakelocal/other directory.

sudo nano /etc/prometheus/files_sd/stakelocal/other/grafana.yml

It should look like the following.

    - targets: ['']
        host: 'Default Host'
        service: 'Grafana'
        client: 'Grafana'

If this instance of Grafana is accessible at a different IP address or port, update those in the targets line.

Update the host and service labels, as needed. See About Stake Local Labels for label definitions.

Save the file and exit the editor.

Configure Grafana Monitoring

Turn on Grafana metrics by editing the Grafana configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

Uncomment the enabled = true and disable_total_stats = false lines in the [metrics] section by removing the leading semicolon.

The following is an example from Grafana's documentation on enabling metrics.

# Metrics available at HTTP URL /metrics and /metrics/plugins/:pluginId
# Disable / Enable internal metrics
enabled           = true

# Disable total stats (stat_totals_*) metrics to be generated
disable_total_stats = false

Save the file and exit the editor.

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