Enable & Start/Restart Services

Getting everything up, running, and starting on its own

Everything is now configured and ready to be started or restarted.

For any software installed using another guide, follow your usual instructions for starting or restarting the consensus client, the execution client, Prometheus, Grafana, node_exporter, json_exporter, and Ethereum Metrics Exporter.

Refresh the service files for systemd so that systemd knows there are changes to how services are to be run.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Enable all services.

sudo systemctl enable prometheus grafana-server node_exporter json_exporter eth-metrics

The quick and easy method to get everything running/reloaded is to simply tell all services to restart. Everything already running will restart and the rest will start.

sudo systemctl restart prometheus grafana-server node_exporter json_exporter eth-metrics

The systemctl restart command does not provide any feedback on how things are running. We can check the status on the next page.

If you changed any command-line flags for your consensus or execution clients, reload and restart those services using your standard procedures.

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