Configure json_exporter

Configure how json_exporter communicates with APIs

Configure json_exporter

The instructions below will overwrite your current json_exporter.yml file with a version that supports the Stake Local Dashboard. A backup will be made of your existing file, but it is up to you to merge the two files, if necessary.

This configuration requires json_exporter v0.5.0 or later.

Back up your current json_exporter.yml file to your home directory, if you have one.

cp -v --backup=numbered /etc/json_exporter/json_exporter.yml ~/

Install Rules from Repository

Copy the json_exporter.yml rules configuration file from the Stake Local Dashboard repository to /etc/json_exporter/.

cd ~/git/stakelocal-dashboard/config/json_exporter
sudo cp json_exporter.yml /etc/json_exporter

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