Install Supporting Software

Install the supporting software required for the Stake Local Dashboard

For full functionality, the Stake Local Dashboard requires the following software packages:

  • Prometheus - Collects data from Ethereum clients and the data exporters

  • Grafana - Queries Prometheus for data and displays dashboards

  • node_exporter - Exports host status and performance metrics in the Prometheus format.

  • json_exporter - Converts JSON-formatted API responses to the Prometheus format. Used for API calls to consensus clients, execution clients, and third-party APIs.

  • Ethereum Metrics Exporter - Exports consensus and execution client API responses in the Prometheus format. Covers some API calls inaccessible to json_exporter.

The three "exporters" in the list above are technically optional, but highly recommended. Many dashboard panels will be partially or completely disabled without one or more of these exporters.

Skip the installation process for any products already installed on your system. Configuration of the software is handled later.

Instructions for Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

The following sections cover installation of all supporting software on a clean Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS. You may need to adapt these instructions to your specific operating system.

pageInstall PrerequisitespageInstall PrometheuspageInstall GrafanapageInstall node_exporterpageInstall json_exporterpageInstall Ethereum Metrics Exporter

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