Prometheus Jobs

Configure the Prometheus jobs to which targets will be assigned

Prometheus Jobs

Configure prometheus.yml

The instructions below will overwrite your current prometheus.yml file with a version that supports the Stake Local Dashboard. A backup will be made of your existing file, but it is up to you to merge the two files, if necessary.

Many existing Ethereum client dashboards will work with this prometheus.yml file as-is or with minimal changes. See Optional: Alternative Dashboard Compatibility for a guide to maintaining compatibility with other dashboards.

Back up your current prometheus.yml file to your home directory, if you have one.

cp -v --backup=numbered /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml ~/

Copy the prometheus.yml rules configuration file from the Stake Local Dashboard repository to /etc/prometheus/.

cd ~/git/stakelocal-dashboard/config/prometheus/
sudo cp prometheus.yml /etc/prometheus

Check Configuration

Check the configuration with promtool.

sudo promtool check config /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml

You will get many warnings about files that do not exist. These are the target files that have not yet been configured. This is not a problem.

Look for "SUCCESS" messages similar to the following for both the configuration file and the rules file.

SUCCESS: /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml is valid prometheus config file syntax
SUCCESS: 46 rules found

If you see the output above, then you have successfully configured the Prometheus jobs.

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