Validator Client Targets

Customize the default validator client targets

Validator Client Targets

Prometheus may also collect metrics data from validator clients that run as a separate process from the beacon chain client. Some validator clients produce more detailed validator status information than available from beacon chain clients.

Validator clients for Lighthouse, Lodestar, and Prysm have been tested with the dashboard.

If you would like to monitor more than one instance of the same client, please see the Additional Modifications section for details.

Validator Client Metrics Configuration

To configure the Prometheus target for client metrics, follow the instructions for your client below.

Edit the Lighthouse configuration file in the /etc/prometheus/files_sd/stakelocal/validator_metrics directory.

sudo nano /etc/prometheus/files_sd/stakelocal/validator_metrics/lighthouse.yml

It should look like the following.

    - targets: ['']
        network: 'Mainnet'
        host: 'Default Host'
        service: 'Lighthouse Validator'
        group: 'Default Group'

If this instance of Lighthouse is accessible at a different IP address or port, update those in the targets line.

Update the network, host, service, group and explorer labels, as needed. See About Stake Local Labels for label definitions.

Save the file and exit the editor.

An example validator client metrics target file for the Goerli network could look like the following.

    - targets: ['']
        network: 'Goerli'
        host: 'stakemaster5000'
        service: 'Lodestar Validator - Goerli'
        group: 'Goerli Lodestar/Geth'

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